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emmenlau (1 match)

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#25 overlay_stacks doesn't respect the -w (--width) parameter xuvtools defect 08/12/08

Overlay stacks claims to use a blending width if given by -w and it also claims a default blending width of 10 micron. Neither the default nor any override value will change the current behavior which is to do a hard stitch with one stack in front, the other one behind it. I'm not sure whether the command line tool is still under active development, just wanted to state it here.

It looks like the parameter get's lost somehow. The key blending_width_um is written to the internal parameter map. In _overlay_stacks<DataT> the key blending_width_pix is read, somewhere inbetween there should be some code that converts the given micron blending width to pixel sizes. Looks like that step is missing.

ne704 (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#92 xuvtools: (xuvbuild.sh) handle visual studio dependencies more intelligent xuvtools task 10/26/09

Currently xuvbuild.sh has code to fix the broken dependencies for Visual Studio (added in r2942 and r2949) but manages this in a completely dumb and static manner by just adding dependencies on everything starting with "gen*" to the first project.

This should better be done via a file where the dependencies are specified explicitly via regexps or similar.

#123 xuvtools: [wishlist] re-saving a project is slow (on windows) xuvtools task 12/11/09

r3142 introduces a "Sleep(10)" in source:trunk/xuvtools/src/xuvimgproc/xuvProjectFiles.cc (line 238) which is pretty annoying. either introduce a loop checking if the file has been removed already or do something less annoying otherwise...

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