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xuvtools: catastrophic error: could not open source file "mathfunc-win-x64.h"

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Component: xuvtools Version: 1.6.0
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many errors like this:

2>f:\Devel\src\thirdparty\blitz-cvs-64bit-2009.09.25\blitz/vecuops.cc(10): catastrophic error: could not open source file "vecuops-win-x64.cc
2>  #  include "vecuops-win-x64.cc"

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I'm not in front of my computer right now, so this is a preliminary guess, but I think this can not relate to the new naming scheme.

The new naming scheme affects solely the XXX part of the output directories LMBSOFTDEST/{debug,release}_XXX/

The files in mention are created inside the source three, somewhere below LMBSOFTSRC/thirdparty/blitz-<VERSION>/

They should be generated by a corresponding genXXX executable, that is compiled and run by the compiler. Is it certain that the generate target was run? I use xuvbuild --genfirst for that.

Since the error appears to be new, it might still have something to do with my latest commits :-(

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I don't know what happened really, since I triple-checked to have a clean source-tree before compiling, but this seems to be a pointless bug-report. In other words: can't reproduce it anymore and hence will close it.


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Have to reopen this bug, since I struggled with this issue again today.

It happened to me on a clean build from scratch using the buildscript, regardless if used with or without the "--genfirst" parameter, every time VS complains about missing headers:

5>f:\Devel\src\thirdparty\blitz-cvs-64bit-2009.09.25\blitz/mathfunc.h(10): catastrophic error: could not open source file "mathfunc-win-x64.h"
5>  #  include "mathfunc-win-x64.h"

Looks like something in generating them fails or just won't get executed at all. Really weird is the fact that opening the solution in VS instead of compiling from the commandline does not suffer from this problem: it just works then - and obviously (re)compiling from the commandline afterwards without cleaning the sourcetree works as well...

Changed 11 years ago by ne704 [niko@…

this is probably related to #92 (handle visual studio dependencies more intelligent)

Changed 11 years ago by emmenlau

A possible suggestion for a solution would be, to commit the generated files to SVN as well. I would still leave the re-generation in place, so the generated files would be overwritten on first compile. SVN will probably not show them as modified since they are generated equally.

We could also add a new CONFIG flag named "generate" that will enable generating the required source files, and have that disabled by default.

I don't know if that is really a good solution. The advantage would be, that everything would always be able to compile, and we have a lot less projects, and less dependency problems. The disadvantage is, that we need to commit all generated sources on every library update (not a lot of trouble, I admit).

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Commited all auto-generated files to SVN quite a while ago, closing bug as outdated.

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