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xuvtools: automatic positioning in GUI is imperfect

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The automatic positioning of stacks in the GUI is not working perfect. This is a potential problem if stacks are hidden behind other stacks.

I.e., loading the files in the following order hides stacks behind other stacks:


It may depend on the zoom factor, so this might be difficult to reproduce. Therefore a more detailed description here:

  • after adding a new stack, the layout of the loaded stacks is reset. In this case, adding a smaller stack later on hides the smaller stacks behind the other, bigger stacks.
  • Automatic positioning does not work well when a stack is moved over the border of the visible area, i.e. even if all stacks would fit on screen, the displacement is chosen so that they do not fit.

Change History

Changed 10 years ago by faim

More graphical problems: when zooming in and out there are artefacts if the size of the scene changes (incomplete refresh).

Changed 10 years ago by faim

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