Ticket #117 (new enhancement)

Opened 11 years ago

xuvtools: [wishlist] layout-tool should be less restrictive on rows/columns ratio

Reported by: ne704 [niko@… Owned by: emmenlau
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Currently, the layout tool doesn't allow combinations of rows and columns that won't result in a completely filled rectangular grid. In combination with bug #116, this makes it impossible to get help in aligning datasets with incomplete grid coverage.

To improve this, a simple solution would be to use a weak upper boundary which is given by the current number of tiles and then is increased to the next higher number where a rectangular grid would be completely filled with tiles ("weak" in the sense of "at minimum the number of actually existing tiles, but possibly higher"). Then the layout tool should allow for any reasonable row/column-combination within that range.

A different solution would be to introduce dummy-tiles with no content, with the purpose of filling gaps in the incomplete grid. One important point here is to make sure those dummy-tiles are placed at the correct location within the order of already existing tiles (since grid-layouting is done in-order). This could for example be combined in a nice way with the GUI position-editor by letting the user drag them near the desired position and then updating the order of tiles by doing a line-scan over the upper-left-coordinates (which directly leads to an injective mapping of coordinates to tile-order-positions). I can provide a more elaborate explanation if desired, feel free to ask.



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