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xuvtools: thumbnails should not use full path in project files

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Currently, thumbnails are stored with the full path of the corresponding stack-file. This leads to an error message when the actual files are moved, since the loader can't find the files anymore.

I vote for having the project files in the same directory as the source-files (haven't seen a different situation out in the wild anyways), and then use relative paths for corresponding the stored thumbnails with their original files. This (or a similar solution) is as well required to make the same project-files work on different platforms. In the end we probably should have the functionality to manually trigger the re-generation of some/all thumbs.

Feel free to suggest a different solution!

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Changed 11 years ago by emmenlau

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I vote this bug is important, thanks for finding it! We should not make a release with this bug present.

My suggested solution would be to use only the filename (no path at all) as the key for thumbnails. The likelyhood of having identical filenames (with different paths) inside one project seems quite low, so there is little chance for ambiguity.

What do you think?

Changed 11 years ago by ne704 [niko@…

Sounds fine to me, and yes: we shouldn't release with this bug (Roland already stumbled upon it as well today).

Changed 11 years ago by emmenlau

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There was an issue that likely has caused this problem. The project file contains the full project configMap. One of the entries is "projectfilename", that should point to the location of the project file. If the user loads a project file that was saved in a _different_ location, XuvTools? will still assume the original location (which is obviously wrong).

This leads to multiple problems:

  • Future save operations will write to the wrong (old) location
  • Thumbnail loading does not work

Solved in revision r3228. The simple solution is to re-set the project file name in the configMap, after loading a project.

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