Ticket #127 (new defect)

Opened 11 years ago

xuvtools: GUI asks for saving project on exit, even if project is unmodified (saved right before quit)

Reported by: emmenlau Owned by: emmenlau
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Component: xuvtools Version:
Keywords: xuvtools, xuvtools_gui, project, configMap, saving Cc: developer@…


When closing xuvtools_gui, the user is asked if he/she wants to save the project. This question is asked even if the last thing the user did before closing xuvtools_gui, was saving the project.

A solution to this issue would be to have a modification tracker, in order to reliably detect if the project requires saving. This would be simple to implement. Relevant changes can be tracked by monitoring the configMap.

Idea: have an additional configMap entry "project_modified" with boolean value. That key is set to true on every write to the configMap, and set to false when saving the project.

This relates to issue #126, and solving #126 would allow even more efficient tracking of changes.

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