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xuvtools: [wishlist] create xuvbuild logfile via output redirection

Reported by: emmenlau Owned by: ne704
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The logfile for xuvbuild.sh is currently created via the log-parameter to IncrediBuild? or Visual Studio. It could as well be created via output redirection from the console. The advantage would be, that with the same output redirection we could capture all other messages as well.

Open Tasks:

  • all messages should go to logfile _and_ console
  • functions msg_out() and msg_err() should log to logfile, in addition to console
  • use output redirection (tee -a) on all commands that can produce output, i.e. qmake and similar.

Change History

Changed 11 years ago by ne704 [niko@…

I don't like the idea of having mixed the compiler-output with the other messages too much(at least on Windows). That's why I redirected the VS-output to a separate file. If you want to see the compiler-output during build-time, you can specify "--showbuild" on the xuvbuild-commandline, which will open a separate rxvt-terminal displaying the buildlog during runtime.

But I absolutely agree that we should have the other output captured to a logfile as well. We need to discuss if we want to split things up in xuvbuild/qmake/(vs|incredibuild|make) logfiles or if everything should "sit in one boat" ;)

Cheers, Niko

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