Ticket #230 (new defect)

Opened 10 years ago

libBlitzBioImage fails to open JPG (JPEG) RGB image

Reported by: emmenlau Owned by: emmenlau
Priority: minor Milestone: XuvTools-1.8.1-final
Component: libBlitzBioFormats Version: 1.8.0-beta12
Keywords: Cc: developers@…


For any jpeg image

Image plane elements = 170016 for aReqZSt=0, vImgZWi=1, aReqYSt=0, vImgYWi=322, aReqXSt=0, vImgXWi=528
BlitzFileIOException caught in /home/emmenlau/XuvTools/trunk/libBlitzBioFormats/tools/BlitzBioFormatsViewer/BlitzBioFormatsViewerQt.cc:506:
  'std::exception() caught, thrown from Java. BlitzBioFormatsReader:622.
  Error message 'std::exception() caught, thrown from Java. BlitzBioFormatsReader:693.
  Error message 'ImageReader::openBytes() returned 510048 elements, but image has 170016 elements. Hard Error. BlitzBioFormatsReader:1012.
The application might be unstable from now on!'.
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