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xuvstitch blitz++ assert: -1 out of Range

Reported by: emmenlau Owned by: emmenlau
Priority: critical Milestone:
Component: xuvtools Version:
Keywords: stitcher, xuvtools, crash Cc:


With data set " http://data.xuvtools.org/test/XuvTest-DisplacedCircles_0-32-32.gz.h5", the following blitz++ assertion is hit:

[Blitz++] Precondition failure: Module /Volumes/Data/emmenlau/src/XuvTools/thirdparty/blitz-cvs-64bit-2009-04-29/blitz/array/slicing.cc line 336
Bad array slice: Range(-1, 6, 1).  Array is Range(0, 7)
Assertion failed: (0), function slice, file /Volumes/Data/emmenlau/src/XuvTools/thirdparty/blitz-cvs-64bit-2009-04-29/blitz/array/slicing.cc, line 336.

Backtrace from mac, using "gdb break assert_rtn":

Breakpoint 1, 0x00007fff80c55873 in __assert_rtn ()
(gdb) backtrace
#0  0x00007fff80c55873 in __assert_rtn ()
#1  0x0000000100288bd8 in blitz::Array<unsigned char, 3>::slice (this=0x114b77f20, rank=0, r=@0x114b73620) at slicing.cc:330
#2  0x00000001004347d8 in blitz::Array<unsigned char, 3>::constructSubarray (this=0x114b77f20, array=@0x114c03800, subdomain=@0x114b74fc0) at array/slicing.cc:45
#3  0x0000000100436977 in blitz::Array<unsigned char, 3>::Array (this=0x114b77f20, array=@0x114c03800, subdomain=@0x114b74fc0) at array-impl.h:819
#4  0x0000000100436a15 in blitz::Array<unsigned char, 3>::operator() (this=0x114c03800, subdomain=@0x114b74fc0) at array-impl.h:2083
#5  0x0000000100186769 in _xuvstitch<unsigned char> (configMap=@0x7fff5fbfdf80, reporter=0x11481e3c0) at libXuvStitch.icc:1292
#6  0x00000001001025f3 in xuvstitch (configMap=@0x7fff5fbfdf80, ioCache=0x0, reporter=0x11481e3c0) at ../../src/xuvstitch/libXuvStitch.cc:37
#7  0x00000001000ef344 in XuvStitchThread::launch (this=0x11481e3b0) at ../../src/threads/xuvthreads.cpp:39
#8  0x00000001000edcfe in Thread::run (this=0x11481e3b0) at ../../src/threads/thread.cpp:59
#9  0x00000001026d0061 in QThreadPrivate::start ()
#10 0x00007fff80bb4e8b in _pthread_start ()
#11 0x00007fff80bb4d4d in thread_start ()

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Changed 11 years ago by emmenlau

When computing small correlation window, do not subtract movingWinRadius+1 but only movingWinRadius, else the are is too small/big. Changes in:

src/xuvstitch/libCrossCorrelation.cc src/xuvstitch/libXuvStitch.icc

Fixed in svn revision 2714.

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